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I started having Alexander Technique lessons after having trouble with sciatica. I have found that through a combination of daily exercises, learning better ways of doing things and standing up straighter I now rarely have a problem. Equally if I feel a problem starting I can usually prevent it from getting worse.
Isle of Man
The Alexander Technique has and is helping me to manage my ongoing back problems. It helps me to read the signs my body sends out and control the pain and discomfort with various exercises and techniques. My condition is long standing and as a result I am still learning to leave old habits behind. Your lessons give me confidence and the knowledge to be more in control and move more easily. The Alexander Technique is proving a great help to me. Thank you
Ann Quirk
Isle of Man
I was sceptical as to whether the Alexander Technique could help a long standing back problem but once I started having lessons I was proved wrong. Although I am not disciplined enough to do the "exercises" regularly they certainly help if my back gets painful and combined with new ways of doing things I am able to keep the problem under control. I have continued with the lessons and an unexpected benefit has been an improvement in balance - useful when walking over uneven ground in the Lake District!
Isle of Man
I can honestly say that following my lessons with Sue, I am pain free for the first time in two years
Isle of Man
I don't feel scrunched up anymore and my pony feels more relaxed. I can feel him more free behind me
Aged 11, United Kingdom
What I most like about AT is that I can practice the techniques wherever I am: I don't need any special place to go or equipment. AT can be applied to all aspects of everyday life and have now become part of my daily routine. I can improve my posture whilst standing in the queue at the shops and I am even getting benefit at the breakfast table just by sitting correctly. Sue runs the sessions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where she gives you instruction and time to practice each technique. Sue quickly identified how my posture was contributing to my neck and shoulder problems. I am happy to say this has greatly improved since following AT. Many thanks Sue
Marilyn Ellison
Isle of Man
I have found that the Alexander Technique has helped me in many ways. For me the most significant has been the positive impact it has had on my hobby of Target Archery. Success in Target Archery requires the archer to develop consistency in technique to be able to draw the arrow and then release it to hit the target at distances up to 90 metres. During training at my archery club I was having difficulty to obtain a consistent full draw of my arrow. My coach identified the reason for this was that my posture was poor. During my next AT lesson with Sue I explained about how my poor posture was affecting my archery. Sue reviewed my posture and using AT gave me techniques to apply during my archery set-up to help correct my posture. At my next AT session Sue asked if my archery had improved. I said, "Good news and bad news!" The good news was that my posture had improved along with my archery. The bad news was that my improved posture and arrow draw required me to buy a new set of longer arrows! I am delighted with my improved posture due to AT and more than happy to purchase a new set of arrows. Many thanks Sue
Ron Ellison
Isle of Man
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